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🔗 Is GenAI’s Impact on Productivity Overblown?:

Leaders should consider where this technology actually helps and resist the urge to integrate it into every job and task throughout the organization. To do this, they need to understand two core problems of LLMs that are critical to their medium- and long-term business implications: 1) Its persistent ability to produce convincing falsities and 2) the likely long-term negative effects of using LLMs on employees and internal processes.

This article lines up quite closely with my experience thus far as a participant in an LLM pilot at work.

The “McKinsey said it, so it must be true” effect is very real, and I still continue to mostly encounter suggested LLM use cases that are entirely about what someone thinks these tools might do based on their imaginings from watching science fiction, rather than on what the tools are actually capable of doing.

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