I’m Pete Brown. I live in Greenfield, MA. I write mostly about politics and technology, as well as music, movies, and whatever other topics happen to be on my mind. Be forewarned that I tend to post a lot of pictures of my cats.

You can also find me on Mastodon. I used to be on Twitter and Facebook; my accounts there still exist, but only for administrative purposes.

I used to work for a large educational technology and publishing company. Then I didn’t. Now I do again, but for a different one. Before any of that, I ran a bookstore. I have done a lot of IT project and program management over the years, mostly around application hosting infrastructure and architecture. Lately, though, my focus and interest have been more on process design and improvement.

If you’re interested in what I do, my professional details can be found on LinkedIn. Let’s chat!

When I am not working or writing here, I am a runner, a dad, and a dabbler in local politics. I also like fountain pens and typewriters.

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