We are home from a few days away for the long weekend and both cats came meowing to the door when they heard it open. It was a brief enough trip that we were able to just leave extra-large piles of crunchies in their bowls and they were fine.

I like to think they are happy to see us but I suspect it is something more like “Oh good, the big pink food machines are back.”

Having made his clerical toilette with due care in the morning, he was prepared only for those amenities of life which were suited to the well-adjusted stiff cravat of the period and to a mind weighted with unpublished matter.

At approximately the 200-page mark, I think I can safely say that Mr. Casaubon seems like a dick.

Nature is disgusting.

We are at the in-laws' place in the Hudson Valley for the weekend and there are more spongy moth caterpillars than I have seen in my life. There are so many of them in the trees that it sounds like rain is falling. The ground is covered with detritus of chewed oak leaves and even a short walk up the road is a near-constant affair of brushing away the strands of silk drifting through the air.

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Today I learned that not only does a nearby town have an actual Town Crier, but also that it is one of only four towns in the Commonwealth that has one.

Newspaper article

WOOOO!!! Friday night!

What’s funny is I started off the day with a “happy Friday” post inspired by having worked it out so the last day of the week is mostly a pretty chill one for me. While the day wasn’t bad, it closed out with a bunch of shuffling the kids hither and yon, squeezing in some errands, and the sitting through six nail-biter Little League innings that ended up not going our way.

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Beyond The Palest Star by Vorga

I am always a sucker for cosmic black metal and this one really scratches that itch for me. I like that it keeps the black metal and never verges too far into the prog lane. This would be the perfect soundtrack for navigating Neuromancer-era cyberspace. Just watch out for the massive black-ice cubes. Those are the AIs and no one really knows what their plan is since they carved off their own realm.

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Wires and sky

Driving the kid to school this morning, we saw a person driving the opposite direction on the street playing a trumpet behind the steering wheel, and I really want to know what the story was there.

Happy Friday

“Why do teachers always say ‘Happy Friday,’” asks the kid as we sit at the breakfast table. “What’s happy about it? We still have to go to school…” After a week of days every one of which felt like it should be Friday, today is finally, actually Friday and I am pretty pleased about that. As a routine practice, I block my entire day off every Friday on my work calendar.

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🔗 Microsoft Recall – Pixel Envy:

Recall is the kind of feature I have always wanted but I am not sure I would ever enable. Setting aside Microsoft’s recent high-profile security problems, it seems like there is a new risk in keeping track of everything you see on your computer — bank accounts, a list of passwords, messages, work documents and other things sent by a third-party which they expect to be confidential, credit card information — for a rolling three month window.

I’m glad for the “but I am not sure I would ever enable” part but again, why would you have always wanted this feature?

This feels like yet more STEM-brain obsession with data and optimization, like if we can just collect all the data and get the pivot table right, Truth will be revealed to us and we won’t have to take any responsibility for the exercise of human judgement.

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