Nice day for biking!

I bought this bike nearly twenty years ago at Overlook Mountain Bikes when I lived in Woodstock.

my Marin Nike leaning up against a guardrail at the Ashokan Reservoir

Every few years, I get the itch to buy a new one and do a bunch of shopping. Then I realize that this bike is still fine and I stick with it. I’m sure I will go through the exact same thing again this year.

Currently reading: The Shards by Bret Easton Ellis 📚

cover image of The Shards by Brett Easton Ellis

I am about a hundred pages into the book, and I find myself wishing that I had been keeping track of all the songs mentioned in the narrative and adding them to a playlist.

I regret to inform you that there is no email client or service that will fix your email problem.

The GOP girlies are fighting - by Ryan Broderick:

Of course, DeSantis is not a real person, he’s an anthropomorphic Outback Steakhouse blooming onion, a barely-functioning neural net trained on videos of dads fighting at little league games.

That is probably one the best summaries of Ron DeSantis I have seen.

A couple of great albums arrived in the mail today.

Dear random Discogs vendor: Your retirement fund account statements are maybe not the best choice of packing material for stuff you’re shipping to customers 🙄

I really just can’t help but suspect that most of the people talking about “artificial intelligence” as if they are experts are really just making a bunch of inferences and assumptions based on what they have seen and read in various works of science fiction.

Still going on my Talk Talk bender.

I have my first full-on head cold—one of the kids brought it home from school, of course—since before the start of the pandemic.

I had forgotten how annoying this is. another weblog