How did I not know that The Secret Machines have a new album out?

It’s good! I like it!

20 Seconds In the FunHub Action Park

It was utter mayhem.

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Big cat, little cat

It never fails to amaze me how much it sets off a particular type of middle-aged white dude to suggest that he might want to think about the effect his words have on other people.

I think the biggest thing that has changed about my blogging over the last twenty years is that I write a lot more stuff down on paper than ever makes it online. Most of the stuff I think of—the ideas I have, the opinions I form, the snap judgements that flit through my head—does not merit being posted on the web. Either it’s half-formed and poorly thought out, or it is not something I care to share. Writing it down feels important, but publishing it most certainly does not.

The mail was exciting today.

The crazy Star Wars thought I just had is that, at some point, a slightly older Grogu ends up in the World Between Worlds, goes hundreds of years back in time, and becomes Yoda.

Previously I would have said that time travel is not a thing that exists in the Star Wars universe, but Rebels introduced it (and we still don’t know where/when Ahsoka ended up after Ezra pulled her out of the Sith temple), so it is at least now out there as a possibility.

We’re Living in a Scroll-and Swipe Doom Loop Culture:

I am not a fan of B.F. Skinner. But that’s not because his experiments don’t work. I will admit that they produce the desired results, at least within certain limits (that’s important and I’ll return to these limits later). My opposition is based entirely on my views of how we should treat people—it’s ethically wrong to manipulate them like rats in a Skinner Box.

I think the problem with behaviorism—like any variety of the now ubiquitous “outcomes-driven” approach to the world—is that it is only interested in the ends. If we get the end we’re looking for, who cares about the means required to get there?

As is so often the case, Kant was right.

Minding the store at the PTO book sale

Twenty years of blogging

Today is the twentieth anniversary of my oldest existing blog post (amusingly, it is about how Linux on my laptop wasn’t working out for me). I state it in that specific way because I lost my original run of posts that were on a super-old CMS. I didn’t think to import them when I first switched to Wordpress. I am sure it was not many posts—ten or twenty at the most, probably.

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