I am confused by people who do not want advertising in their stuff or to have their data mined and sold, but who also do not want to have to pay for the services they use.

I guess this is cool in theory, but if I had to choose, I would rather have it so that within my kids’ lifetime, people can still live on Earth.

Kinda seems like that should be our main focus right now.

Screenshot of NYT article about how maybe people will live on the moon and then on Mars

The annual Moving Of the Pellets ritual has once again been completed, with a good deal of help and a minimum of whining from the kids.

Miss Scarlet has gone into cool weather mode.

Tortoise shell cat in front of the pellet stove

Saturday afternoon movies: Brainstorm

John Kenneth Muir has a good write-up on Douglas Trumbull’s 1983 film Brainstorm, which turns forty years old(!) today: Although deemed “provocative” and at least somewhat “redeemed by its special effects” (according to a review by Hal Goodman in Psychology Today), Douglas Trumball’s Brainstorm is nonetheless one of those genre films that never quite gets its due. In part, this lack of widespread appreciation may result from the fact that the 1983 movie seems to defy easy categorization.

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Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge by Wolves In The Throne Room

Crypt of Ancestral KnowledgeWolves In The Throne RoomI would argue that these guys are probably the best American black metal band working today. They have had a stellar run of records since 2006’s Diadem Of 12 Stars, and this latest release does not disappoint. I love how they manage to consistently manage to balance the bleak, the cosmic, and the organic.

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This does not inspire confidence.

Smashed pedestrian crosswalk sign on Federal Street

If you think social media arguments about national politics are the worst, I have bad news for you regarding social media arguments over local politics.

I just don’t understand why, if there is only item, people still feel the need to make it a bulleted list. It’s Powerpoint madness! People just mindlessly sticking to the template they have been handed.

Also, if you do have multiple bullets in the list, either make them all full sentences (and punctuate accordingly), or make none of them sentences. And for god’s sake—if it’s not a sentence, don’t put a period at the end!

The solution is fairly simple: We must hold CEOs accountable in the same way that we do their employees or dissolve the role entirely. A chief executive mustmeaningfully contribute in a way that is measurable and delivers clear value for the company. Failing that, I would argue that the opaque role of the CEO should be the first one to be replaced by artificial intelligence. An AI model would likely give quicker answers, be in a continual state of self-improvement, take feedback instantly, and deliver the same kind of “operational efficiency” for which the current crop of CEOs are paid millions of dollars a year.

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