More than a year after setting my kids up with their own Apple Music accounts and constantly clicking “Suggest less like this,” I still can’t get it to stop recommending Dan Bull, TryHardNinja, ABTMelody and a bunch of other Minecraft music crap in my own account.
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People who generate and maintain huge spreadsheets without freezing the header row are the bane of my existence right now.
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Wow. The new AMC adaptation of Interview With the Vampire is so much better than I was expecting.
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Questioning the Butterfly Effect

In the middle of last week, I realized that it was the anniversary of a many-years-ago event in my life that was a big deal to me. As I have often tended to do over the years, I thought about how my life might have gone differently had this event not happened. My assumption has always been that my life would be very different, that I would be a much different person than I am now.

This time around, though, I found myself wondering if that would really have been the case.

I think we have this idea from books and movies and TV that any seemingly insignificant change to the timeline would result in massive and possibly catastrophic changes we can’t anticipate. Squish a bug as you step out of your time machine in 1837 and you’ll return to a 2022 where the Nazis won World War 2 and there are space colonies on the moon. Stop at a different quickie mart on the way home work in 1997 and you would have set off a long, complex chain of events that would result in never meeting your future spouse.

But I wonder how true that really is. I think maybe we tend to overestimate the degree of free will we have and how varied the opportunities and choices available to us actually are. There are exceptions, of course, but I imagine that for most of us, our lives and circumstances offer a fair amount of buffer zone for radical change.

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While I understand the purpose and value of two-factor authentication, I hate dealing with it. I just want to log in to the website and do whatever it is I’m there to do, not wait for a one-time code to show up, wonder if my phone with be able to auto-suggest it or if I will have to copy and paste it into the field, and then have my text message history cluttered up with a million of those messages. 2FA also makes me terrified of ever needing to change my mobile number, lest I end up getting locked out of a bunch of bill-pay websites.
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I am listening to The KLF’s Come Down Dawn. It was released a year or two ago, and is a somewhat reworked version of Chill Out. The main difference seems to be that the unlicensed samples have been removed, replaced—I think—with muddied-up samples of other KLF songs.

My old bittorrented mp3 copy of Chill Out vanished when the power supply on the Netgear NAS in my office closet went up in smoke two years ago, so I am glad to have it available on the streaming services.

I will admit to thinking that there was something charming/appealing about these sorts of albums be hard to find, but what good is really served by that sort of artificial scarcity? It seems like elitist Record Shop Guy crankiness—”Kids these days have it so easy and they don’t appreciate good music anymore!” Who cares? It’s a good album and people should be able to listen to it.

Now if only they could make Space easier to get one’s hands on.

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Reading the news is depressing and I don’t want to do it anymore. One hears all the time about how people tend to get more conservative as they grow older. Pretty sure that’s not the case for me, but I do feel like I have both less energy for any sort of activism and less hope that anything I do will have much effect with each passing year.