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It’s annoying when technology doesn’t work.

I’m reading a thread just now on Mastodon with a bunch of people complaining about timelines being slow to update because of various bottlenecks in the architecture. It reminds me of the regular discussions of cross-posting and timeline updating being slow.

I have to be honest—I really don’t care about this sort of thing and mostly roll my eyes at these complaints.

I mean, sure—I find the underlying systems explanations for why this stuff happens to be interesting, but I really can’t see getting all wound up about this kind of stuff. If it takes fifteen minutes for your post to show up, who cares? What have you lost?

That’s me, though. I get that different people care about different things and that what is a big deal to me may not mean much to someone else, and vice versa. I also understand that it can be super-annoying when one part of a workflow you’ve come to depend upon starts behaving unpredictably. Probably everyone is tired of hearing me complain about my Ulysses/iCloud syncing issues.

As I have written before, though, my general assumption after several decades of working in IT is that all technology sucks and is broken more often than it works. As such, I tend to be pleasantly surprised that most of the apps and tech that I use works at all.

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