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Flex Lavender by Difference Engine

Flex Lavender by Difference Engine

This band was a US-based shoegaze outfit that put out two albums (1994's Breadmaker, followed by Calidad in 1997) and then called it quits. Breadmaker is quite good and is worth checking out. Calidad seems to be quite hard to find and I have not been able to listen to it.

I forget where I came across this album and tracking down information about it was a bit of a challenge. Based on a Reddit thread I found, Difference Engine recorded Flex Lavender right after they released Breadmaker but it was never released for… reasons? They finally put it out themselves last year and it is currently only available via the usual streaming services.

If you're into shoegaze/dream pop at all, you will like this album. I'll basically never turn down this kind of stuff, so I was hooked about twenty seconds into the first track. After a full listen, I kind of think I like this album even better than Breadmaker.

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