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🔗 Did Slack Actually Reduce Workplace Email? – Email is good.:

Certainly email isn’t perfect, but to pitch a well-designed private chat room the perfect alternative to email feels like a bit much. It’s just different! Of course real-time has distinct advantages. Of course open conversations are sometimes ideal. I’m a Slack fan (and Discord as well, as they are really quite similar, and any other tool that facilitates team chat). But the kinda email is dead tends to fall flat with me since it’s so clearly not true. For one, Slack is expensive and invite based and obviously I don’t share a Slack with everyone on the internet. The fact that anyone on the internet can email me, to me, is a huge strength of email.

Hard agree with all of that.

I’ll also throw in that even to this day, I still find it pretty rich that Slack continues to push this notion that they created some groundbreaking new product rather than simply putting a business-friendly shell and an easier administrative interface on top of what is basically Internet Relay Chat.

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