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🔗 OpenAI’s Sora Turns AI Prompts Into Photorealistic Videos | WIRED:

We already know that OpenAI’s chatbots can pass the bar exam without going to law school. Now, just in time for the Oscars, a new OpenAI app called Sora hopes to master cinema without going to film school. For now a research product, Sora is going out to a few select creators and a number of security experts who will red-team it for safety vulnerabilities. OpenAI plans to make it available to all wannabe auteurs at some unspecified date, but it decided to preview it in advance.


OpenAI’s apps can pass the bar and “master cinema” without going to law school or film school because they have stolen the work of all the people who have done those things and are now passing it off as their own for a profit.

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