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🔗 The Rooftop Solar Industry Could Be On the Verge of Collapse | TIME:

Since at least 2016, big solar companies have used Wall Street money to fund their growth. This financialization raised the consumer cost of the panels and led companies to aggressively pursue sales to make the cost of borrowing Wall Street money worth it. National solar companies essentially became finance companies that happened to sell solar, engaging in calculations that may have been overly optimistic about how much money the solar leases and loans actually bring in.

I am so glad we went with the completely local, fully employee-owned solar company when we got our panels some years back, rather than any of the countless randos that come around neighborhoods door-knocking.

These scams are basically the same as the roofing and driveway sealant guys who “just happened to be in your neighborhood,” except with the added bonus of the sketchy loans with onerous terms.

Also, yet another reminder that financialization ruins everything it touches.

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