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Get Lost (Don't Lie!) by These Immortal Souls

Get Lost (Don't Lie!) by These Immortal Souls

I watched Wim Wenders' film Wings Of Desire over the weekend. In one scene in the middle, two characters are in a Berlin nightclub where a very goth/post-punk band is playing. Intrigued by the band, I checked the Wikipedia entry for the film and learned that it was Crime & the City Solution. Then I got distracted and forgot about it.

Flash forward to yesterday, when I happened to be reading that Mute Records was going to be reissuing These Immortal Souls' catalog. I had never heard of this band either, but the article mentioned that they were an offshoot of Crime & the City Solution. A-ha!

So I still haven't dig into CCS but I do really like this record. It lies somewhere between Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (to which both of bands are also apparently related) and Echo & the Bunnymen. I'm always happy to discover another good post-punk band I've never heard before.

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