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Camel HB pencils

I got a few of these Camel HB pencils from The Gentleman Stationer a month or two ago.

I’ve been using one regularly the last few weeks. I like it well enough, although I’m not sure there is much about actually writing with it that sets it apart from the Mitsubishi and Tombow pencils I usually use.

I will admit I am not crazy about the eraser, but that may just be that it is not what I am used to having on a wood pencil. Maybe it reminds me too much of those pink wedge-shaped erasers you would put over the end of your pencil in elementary school when the built-in eraser ran out. It erases just fine, though.

The main thing I notice about this pencil is that the “pencil smell” (dunno what it is, but all wood pencils have it—you know what I’m taking about, right?) is super strong on these pencils. Like, across-the-room strong. Can-still-smell-it-twenty-minutes-later strong. You get the idea.

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