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Apparently there is a new Saxon album out today

LOL There is a new Saxon album out today.

I had no idea they were even still a going concern. And I’ll be honest—I have done zero research here. For all I know, it could be an entirely different bunch of dudes than the classic NWOBHM iteration of the band.

That out of the way, this album is… not bad. It’s actually kinda great, maybe. There’s nothing super-creative or groundbreaking here, but then that’s not really what I am expecting or looking for from this sort of thing.

I’m about halfway through the album as I’m writing this, and there hasn’t been a bad song yet. I was a little worried from the cover art and the intro track that they were going to go the route of Judas Priest and try to get super heavy and fast; that’s really not what I’m looking for from this sort of band and I wish they’d leave it to the Scandanavians. That concern was misplaced, though. This record is straight-up epic NWOBHM metal and I dig it.

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