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Re-watching TNG's "Best Of Both Worlds"

I spent more time than was really necessary today watching TNG and DS9 clips on YouTube.

But then, I’m holed up in the basement, isolating from the rest of the family because of a (thankfully mild) case of COVID, so what the hell else am I going to do with my time?

At some point, I found myself in a playlist that turned out to be basically the entire two-parter of “Best Of Both Worlds”, which is generally acknowledged to be—and I agree—among the series’ best episodes.

Part 1 was the season finale of the show’s third season, with the second part being the fourth season premier. When these episodes originally aired, and I had fallen out ouf the habit of watching the show. I think I had mostly given up after watching the first season, which was not great. So I think I had not watched the second or third seasons.

But come the start of the fourth season, a bunch of people I knew were really excited about it. Someone had taped Part 1 when it had aired at the end of the previous season, so they were all sitting down to re-watch it right before the season premier. “Fine—whatever,” I said and watched it with them.

Obviously, it was awesome, and I was hooked from there. I watched the show pretty religiously for the entirety of the the rest of its run. And watching the episode again now, it’s still really good.

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