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In which I wonder whether college is a boondoggle

what i wish someone had told me in high school | yours, tiramisu:

I’m sorry I’m part of the oversaturation problem, even though looking back I couldn’t tell you where I should have gotten off this path. Growing up I had a patent predilection for foreign language and music, but we were forcefed STEM at every turn by school, media, and most importantly, our parents. It’s where the money is, and not money for money’s sake, but money for job and financial security. Clearly, the siren song was hard to resist, not just for me, but for droves of people my age.

I feel like this whole STEM thing is just the latest iteration of the “Go to college so you can get a good a job and then make a lot of money!” pattern we’ve been stuck in for decades.

Beyond that, there is a whole generation—basically, mine and older—still under the impression that getting an education and finding work is like it was back when we went through the process. It is decidedly not, and yet we keep loading all of this same stuff onto The Kids These Days and then wonder why they are all miserable and depressed.

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