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The Angry Email - 33 Charts:

The angry email is about the measured approach — what we don’t say is as important as what we do. So much of my journey as a leader has been about controlling my emotions. Controlling myself. I usually can’t change the circumstances around me, but I can control how I respond.

I think this post aims in the right direction, but ends up slightly missing the target.

While I have certainly been guilty over the course of my life and career of sending an angry email or two, I have come to believe that there is never a place for it. It’s not about controlling your emotions, but rather about being aware of them and how they are affecting you.

That said, I am 100% here for the advice that while you can’t control your circumstances, you can control how you respond. I have learned that the hard way from having kids, and we talk about it as a family pretty regularly.

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