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A few disjointed thoughts on Ahsoka so far

I just watched the third episode of Ahsoka a few days ago…

In general, I am really enjoying this show. It is everything I was hoping for. I appreciate anything that expands the Star Wars universe (metaphorically or otherwise) and plays with the mythology in interesting ways, and I am finding that Ahsoka is doing both.

My biggest gripe with Star Wars fandom—particularly the type that is over-represented in online reviews and commentary—is how literal-minded all of the discussion tends to be, interpreting everything that happens in these shows as something intended to move the plot this way or that way, or as hints about what is to come in the plot. I think this bunch tends to get confused and frustrated when Star Wars stories engage in metaphors, symbolism, and meta-narratives.

I think there is no small amount of that going on with this show, and I am all for it.

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