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Time for some Gen X boomerposting - by Ryan Broderick:

So while, yes, a lot of digital publishers are falling off a cliff right now — most recently it was reported that VICE, possibly the most MTV News-esque of all of its millennial imitators, is currently facing bankruptcy — I don’t actually think digital media is over. That’s actually an absurd thing to say actually if you stop and think about it.

But I would say that a certain attitude about how to deliver news content is hopefully finally ending. And it’s a good thing. I, honestly, hope to God that we are done with trying to cram journalism-with-a-capital-J into spaces where it doesn’t belong. Based on everything I’m seeing, unless you want to hop from new platform to new platform and layoff to layoff forever, the only real option you have to is stop, plant you feet, and say, “fuck off, I’m making a website and I’m going to make it good enough that people will want to read it on purpose.” (Or a newsletter, I guess.)

If I may be so bold as to adapt the words of one of my generation’s greatest poets, forget all about that macho shit and learn how to make a website.

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