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Sisyphus Got That Dawg In Him - by Ryan Broderick:

What’s super interesting though is how Twitter’s algorithm started aggressively promoting Sisyphus content. To the point where users were literally asking each other what was going on. Which makes me think that we’ve reached a point where you basically need to be consuming both Twitter and TikTok simultaneously to really understand what people are talking about on the internet, at least, in America. Which, I’m going to guess, less and less people will care about the further this goes on.

The perfect metaphor for this is seeing some random book on Amazon with a weirdo price like $4793.22 because two automated bidding processes have gotten stuck in a loop and keep ratcheting the price up.

Side note: This is the second time in a week (and TBH I can’t remember the details of what the first was) that I have found exactly this same metaphor useful.

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