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I should say up front that switching any portion of the USPS delivery fleet from gas to electric will be an improvement, and the plan announced yesterday is good news.

Still, this part kind of sucks:

The Postal Service is restructuring its vast mail processing and delivery network to minimize unnecessary transportation and fit facilities specifically for EVs. It will concentrate letter carriers at centralized locations rather than using small-town post offices to take advantage of existing infrastructure and cost savings associated with electric vehicles.

None of the articles I have read so far go into much detail so maybe I have this wrong, but part of what EV supporters are cheering about this plan is that it will expand EV charging infrastructure across the country.

What it actually sounds like to me is they will not be doing that, but will rather continue the current trend of consolidating services to large distribution hubs.

Then again, I suppose it depends on what the mean by “small-town post offices.” I live in a town of just under 20,000 people, and even though there is post office on Main Street, if I send a letter to someone else here in town, it now goes two-and-half hours to Boston for processing and then back here. If the EV plan follows that same strategy, it doesn’t seem like they will be putting charging infrastructure here.

On the other hand, they could be talking about the small town I lived in previously, where the post office was in a building that had formerly been a chicken coop.

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