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When I was in the market for a new backpack a few years ago, I watched a bunch of reviews on YouTube and followed some sites that regularly post reviews. I ended up going with a Tom Bihn bag and have been really happy with it.

As a result of that searching, though, I still get backpack reviews routinely showing up in my feed. What I find eternally amusing about all these bags—and by extension, about the people who review them—is how seriously people take this stuff.

Don’t get me wrong… a good backpack is a treat, and can make a ton of difference if you’re carrying a bunch of stuff. That said, most of these reviews are of bags that cost hundreds of dollars and are covered with a 87 zippers and various “tactical” bits and bobs. The people reviewing them insist on calling them rucksacks and take the whole thing super-seriously.

Sure, some small percentage of buyers are going to stuff their bag full of gear for a 6-week hike across the Alps, but I’d bet the only time the vast majority of these backpacks veer away from the drive to and from the office is the occasional trip to the airport. Seriously dudes—you’d be totally fine with the $45 Jansport from Target.

What I really need to do is spend the sixty second required to unsubscribe from these feeds and be done with it, but it really does give me a laugh to see these guys (and it is always guys) going on about their rucking.

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