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Album Whale and the albums I have listened to this week

I have spent the last week trying out Album Whale, a service I have come to appreciate quite a bit. It is quite simple—it lets you build nice looking lists of albums. That’s it. It is built and maintained by actual humans, and there is no API-driven functionality. You can’t connect it to your Apple Music or Spotify account or music player or whatever and have it automatically catalog all the stuff you listen to.1

I am generally pretty bad at remembering what albums I have listened to—especially with new stuff—and I have a tendency to like some new thing I’ve found but then forget about it pretty soon thereafter.

Using Album Whale this past week, I have made a list of the albums I have listened to. Its note function has let me type in some quick thoughts about a few of them. My theory is that doing it by hand and having to think about it will help to better place the stuff I’m listening to in my memory, sort of the way taking notes by hand in my notebook does. YMMV, obviously.

Anyway, it’s a neat service that you should check out.

  1. And yes, I’m sure there is probably a way to use Shortcuts and scripts to do this, but I really don’t care and don’t have the time or energy to be bothered with automating all that crap. ↩︎

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