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I was into it before it got popular.

Tumblr Users Are Wary of People Coming From Twitter - The New York Times:

Some Tumblr veterans are treating the potential mass migration as a threat. After Mr. Reynolds’s announcement, Tumblr was flooded with hashtags like #twitter exodus and #twitter apocalypse. Some longtime users made viral posts educating new users about the norms on the site, including tips on how to curate the Tumblr “dashboard,” or feed, for example. But others were more apprehensive, cautioning others about what could happen to the community if unwelcome brands, celebrities and other Twitter refugees encroached.

Yeah, yeah—we all know. You were there before it got popular, back when it was cool and hip, before all these newcomers ruined it.

You could write this article about basically any place where people gather together. All you would need to do is swap out the names and it would be exactly the same story: the ignorant, unwashed masses coming in and wrecking the place with their lack of understanding and respect for its practices and traditions versus the stodgy, cranky long-term residents who just want things to be like they used to be and who view any change as a threat to their way of life.

I am going to keep beating this drum. We cannot expect or rely upon single platforms and places to be everything for everyone.

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