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Opine all you like about Twitter, but most Twitter users probably aren't like you.

I Don’t Think People Really Want Another Twitter:

I know the most likely outcome that we all keep using Twitter the same as we always have, but there is definitely an energy about Twitter lately that has people thinking, “do I even like doing this?”

Yes, Mastodon seems the most viable direct alternative now, but I don’t see much there (“oh you’re on Mastodon, but you’re on the wrong one, so you need to make another account and follow me over on this other one, my username is, why do people think this is weird?” but I wonder if people really want to join another Twitter-like thing these days.

I am skeptical that anyone writing about tech (including me) has even the faintest clue what most people on Twitter want from the platform. It is the same issue as people who are highly engaged in political news assuming that most people are like them, rather than acknowledging that 1) they are weirdos, and 2) most people pay little (if any) attention to politics and generally have extremely confused, random, and contradictory opinions about politicians, political parties, and policies.

The description of Mastodon is spot-on, though.

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