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Opinion | Covid, the Unvaccinated and Where to Direct Our Rage - The New York Times:

Anger is a contagious energy that jumps quickly from one person to the next. It will seize your mind and body as its host. If allowed to explode, it will hurt others. If allowed to implode, it will hurt you. I had to learn early how to transmute it for the sake of my own survival. I found that it can be the source of a powerful alchemy. If we are up to the task, it could help us create something good together. That alchemy begins with awareness. Are we justified in our indignation? Do we have the facts? If we do not understand the problem, our feelings are untethered from reality. Untethered anger tends to be unproductive and selfish, delighting our own egos rather than directing us toward necessary action. So when you are ready — and if you are never ready, whether because you mourn a loved one’s death or your own altered future, I won’t judge — let us hold our rage in our hands and look closely to see what it contains.

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