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I actually laughed out loud when I got to the final line of this paragraph:

Eventually, Ms. Gladstone accused Mr. Garfield of “bathing in self-pity,” he recalled. He swore at her and slammed his computer shut, he said, calling the incident “an appalling abuse of an employee’s health prerogatives.” WNYC fired him for violating its anti-bullying policy, and he is starting a newsletter on Substack on Monday.

It’s from an NYT story about the kerfuffle at NPR’s On the Media. I don’t really care to get into the merits of the story; I assume that, no matter how pleasant he may seem on air Bob Garfield is—like all big-name media figures—probably an asshole.

Of course he is starting a newsletter on Substack, because that seems to be where all exiled media assholes go. It’s their business model. They’re like the Statue Of Liberty for media assholes.

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