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We would do well to keep in mind that genius supervillains are fictional.

The Russian Nesting Doll of Giuliani’s Corruption | Talking Points Memo

In other words, Giuliani had multiple hustles underway at once. He was working to get dirt for the President to help his 2020 presidential campaign. He was working with Russian spies and also corrupt Ukrainian officials to help manufacture that dirt. He eventually arranged an extortion plot to force the President of Ukraine to play ball with the dirt-finding mission as well or risk losing US support in the face of Russian aggression. And all the way he was cutting ‘consulting’ deals, or trying to, to monetize these corrupt endeavors for his personal financial benefit.

What seems crazy to me is just how desperate and stupid Giuliani has been about all of this corruption.

He was a terrible person as a prosecutor, and he was a terrible person as mayor of NYC, but it always seemed like he was at least pretty smart when it came to his own self-interest. He could have hit the right-wing welfare circuit, gotten a cushy sinecure at some fake think tank, and probably done pretty well for himself.

Instead, he ran around the globe trying to drum up cash from a whole array of goons and crooks in what seems like the dumbest, most obvious way possible.

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