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Eric Boehlert on the media’s Tuesday-night fantasy about Mitch McConnell and Congressional Republicans finally turning on Trump:

This is all part of a four-year Beltway media obsession with announcing the Republican Party is finally cutting ties with Trump- usually following an especially erratic and dangerous bout of behavior from him - and that the moment of "reckoning" has arrived. But it never does. The press has dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and resources over the years to advance the idea that Republicans leaders can't sleep at night because they're so troubled by Trump's actions. This allows journalists to depict today's GOP as mainstream and normal. If key GOP players are despairing over Trump, that means the Republican Party operates within the confines of established American politics. But they're not, and they don't. The GOP stampede towards the Trump exits remains a mirage because Trump accurately reflects where the party is today: Xenophobic, vulgar, unethical, and uninterested in telling the truth.

It’s not happening, and it’s never going to happen. They have stood by Trump and enabled him this far, and they have to keep going.

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