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Whether or not the debate was terrible is beside the point.

The reason Tuesday night’s debate was so terrible to watch is not that the moderator was bad, or that the participants’ microphones should have been muted when it wasn’t their turn to speak, or that Biden didn’t land enough zingers or punches.

The reason Tuesday night’s debate was so terrible to watch is that Trump is an awful, irredeemable person who wrecks everything he touches.

We didn’t learn anything new about Trump at the debate, because there is nothing new to learn. He is the same incoherent, belligerent, corrupt, racist asshole he’s always been. Be outraged if you want, but it’s not a surprise. Let him continue to self-immolate.

What we did learn is that Joe Biden is a decent guy who can stand there listening to Trump bluster and lie, brush it off for the offensive nonsense that it is, and then speak to the audience about actual issues that affect real people.

So if the debate made you feel angry, donate some money to Biden/Harris, or your local Democratic candidates for office, or to any of the many great Democrats up and down the ticket all across the country. Take down your “Any Functioning Adult” yard sign and put one up for actual candidates. Register folks to vote. Phone or textbank for a candidate. You’re not powerless. another weblog