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I think Digby is right:

We all wonder what happens on the day Trump realizes he's been played. But I'm beginning to wonder if that will ever happen. So far, it seems that Trump is living in his own bubble in which everything he does is brilliant, genius, unprecedented. In his mind (or perhaps just in his sales strategy) he cannot lose. I agree that he's an insecure man who is deeply afraid of being seen as weak. But his way of dealing with that is to simply assert strongly that he isn't. Sure he's constantly whining like a six year old that everything is "unfair" and he casts blame constantly. But I don't see evidence that he has the guts to actually turn on someone he sees as stronger than he is and truly test his power that way. Bullies don't go after people who are bigger than the are. I'd guess the most likely outcome of the next two weeks will be Trump pounding on the Europeans whom he sees as his vassals and kissing up to Putin whom he sees ... differently.(Blackmailer?, Co-conspirator? Superior? Hero? All of the above?) Whatever comes of the summit, he will just spin as a great victory for America and his followers will clap like the trained seals they are.

As little pressure as there is for Trump to admit he has been played, there is even less pressure for his followers to admit that they too have been played. This crowd is in too deep with Trump by now. He’lol skate away and leave them holding the bag. another weblog