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I mostly think that Senate Democrats should do everything in their power to grind things to a complete halt around the confirmation of Trump’s pick to replace Anthony Kennedy. Trump will get his pick in the end, but Republicans should be made to fight tooth-and-nail for it.

Still, I think Digby might be on to something here:

So perhaps another strategy for Democrats would be to press the nominee as aggressively as possible in public hearings about all the potential Trump crimes in detail and dare him to be "disloyal" while the president is watching. Since it's absolutely true that no man should be able to choose his own judge, they could ask if the nominee plans to recuse himself from any of these potential Trump cases. We know how Trump feels about his minions' recusing themselves. He's said many times that if Jeff Sessions had told him he was going to do that, he would have withdrawn Sessions' nomination as attorney general. Maybe the president would well and truly sabotage himself this time. another weblog