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Trump’s base is not going to turn on him:

Those who continue to support Trump after all his scandals and silliness have made him their god. What will they do and say if Trump loses in 2020, if their god fails? Will they finally confront reality and facts, and embrace the diversity and wisdom of a changing America? Not a chance in hell. They will surely retreat further into moral darkness, waiting for another Republican demagogue to come down the pike in 2024. Trump was their last, best hope, their final chance to thwart the rise of a new, open, tolerant America, their ultimate opportunity to, as William F. Buckley once infamously put it, stand athwart history yelling “Stop!” They can’t give up on Trump. They don’t know how to. This is why, even if The Tape surfaced, they will not leave his side. They will make excuse after excuse. The right-wing evangelicals will indeed speak in tongues, muttering incoherent rationalizations for Trump’s hotel horniness. Anthony Scaramucci will say that…come to think, it’s too disgusting to think about what Anthony Scaramucci will say.

As awful as Trump and his cronies, I remain much more concerned about the demagogue who comes after him, who is not an incompetent failure. another weblog