I do not order nearly as much online as I used to, but I still feel bad every time a delivery person comes racing up the front walk—especially on a weekend—to deliver some random thing we have ordered.

Nine times out or ten, I don’t need whatever it is delivered in 1-3 days and I hate how that seems to have become everyone’s default expectation.

So far, every single song on this “House Of Love & similar artists” station has made me want to go spend money on Discogs.

The plan to go see a movie in town this afternoon has had an unfortunate collision with the list of chores that we need to get done today, and everyone here is pretty bummed about it.

All weekends should be three days.

I have connected the audio out from my Mac to the “VCR 2” input on a Technics amplifier that is at least twenty years old. It’s hooked up to a pair of Paradigm speakers I bought used in 1991 and then beat the shit of for years.

It all sounds great and I love that it all still works.

Electric meter with heart sticker on a utility pole

I think we are intended to find this inspiring:

Here’s the thing: my father traveled a lot. The sad anonymity of hotel rooms blocked him up. He missed the comfort of home, and so, when he returned, he went to the bathroom. This is where he went when he came home, and where he stayed, for a good long time, until he left again on business. He had a real office a few miles away, but at home the bathroom was his office, and, not unlike Lyndon Johnson, he had an open-door policy for us all; in fact, the door was rarely closed.

It mostly seems sad to me, for both this guy’s dad and the rest of the family.

I know we are all supposed to hate on Apple for putting the charging port on the bottom of the mouse, but I use the mouse with my work laptop all day every day, plug it in one or two weekends a month when I’m not using it, and have never once either run out of battery or been inconvenienced by having to charge it.

Folks are welcome to their preferences and peeves, but I really do feel like sometimes some perspective is needed.

Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock arrived in the mail today!

CD case for Talk Talk's Laughing Stock album on top of a CD player

Nothing against any of their previous albums (they’re great!), but the progression and development from their earlier stuff to this album is pretty amazing.

Cat at night

Silhouette of a small cat at the end of the driveway just past dusk

I am perpetually disappointed by the lack of “IGNORE ME!” animated GIFs based on the Grand Galactic Inquisitor from The Venture Bros.:

Yes, I am aware that I could make some myself, but if I wanted to create something, I wouldn’t be spending time looking for animated GIFs, would I?

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