I just finished watching the first episode of Sandman. It was better than I was expecting, but seems weirdly out of time. The effects our obviously light years ahead of what would have been possible in the 1990s, but otherwise, it feels like a transmission directly from that era.
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Are we maybe at the point where we can all admit that this “radical candor” nonsense is really just cover for people who want to act like jerks?

Probably not, but it really is.

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Fetterman’s relentless trolling of Oz about his carpetbagging is hilarious for sure, but I wonder if it really makes much of a difference outside the circle of Very Online politicos on Twitter. Nationalization of state/local races is probably great for fundraising, but I’m skeptical it has much impact on actual voters.
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The House Of Love’s 1988 self-titled record is one of those albums that I don’t listen to very often, but whenever I do, I’m floored by how great it is.
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I prefer hot weather to cold, but I’m feeling kinda done with it being 95 degrees out every single day.
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The recap at the beginning of the first episode of Obi-Wan does a great job of making the prequel trilogy actually seem good.
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