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Sure, but do you actually read it later?

I would be interested to see statistics from any of the read-it-later services as to how many pages saved to them are, in fact, read later. My strong suspicion is that the use of such services is largely aspirational, and that the vast majority of the links people save to them go there to die. Perhaps I am simply projecting my own failings upon the larger world, and yes, I am sure you get a ton of use and value out of the read-it-later you use and the intricate workflows and automations you have built around it.

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As a Metallica fan since the late 1980s, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I only just realized today that the “Full speed or nothing” line in Lux Æterna is a callback to Motorbreath.

A door in the warehouse on Ames Street

I know that everyone has different priorities and different things that are important to them, but I’m having a hard time with all the upset about phone cases getting scratched up. Like, isn’t that the point of putting a case on your phone in the first place? It seems like getting upset because your dinner napkin got food on it.

We are doing the 11-mile family fun ride segment of a charity bike ride this afternoon to raise money for the Food Bank Of Western Mass. With my bike out of commission due to a cracked head tube—probably a factory defect I’ve been riding with for ages—I’ve got this bike out as a loaner from the bike shop while they chase down the warranty with Marin:

I have ridden with flat handlebars for years, but have occasionally wished I had drop handlebars instead. This seemed like a good opportunity to give them a try.

I took this bike out for a test ride at the bike shop, and have ridden it around the neighborhood here a bunch the last couple of days since I picked it up. I really like it! I think I might end up buying it; it is about ten years old, so the price is quite reasonable. I have had the on-and-off urge over the years to get a new bike, but could never justify it given that I had one that worked perfectly well.

We’ll see how it goes today, I guess. In the meantime, if you happen to feel like kicking in a few bucks toward a good cause, you can do so via the link above.

In the original Thrawn trilogy, there are frequent references to how unnerving the Grand Admiral’s eyes are. I noticed on my second watching of Part 6 of Ahsoka (“Far, Far Away”) that Thrawn almost never blinks. The few times he does, it is clearly a deliberate punctuation of whatever he is saying. Otherwise, it’s like he is holding the other characters in place, watching them squirm under his examination. It’s a very subtle effect, but really captures that sense of alien intelligence.

And yes—I’m nerding out over this show. I really like it.

For possibly the first time ever, I have remembered—without having to look it up—the keyboard shortcut for directly editing the selected cell in the Mac version of Excel. So much easier than trying to figure out what the obscure three- or four-key combination happens to work for paste-without-formatting and then taking my chances on whether that actually works.

It’s Ctrl-U, in case you were wondering.

I learned yesterday that the trusty Marin bike that has been carting me around since 2007 has a cracked frame and I am pretty bummed about it.

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