For no particular reason, I have switched today from my Drop-Alt keyboard to my Keychron K6 for use on my work laptop all day. I think I like the feel of the K6 better, but it’s not that much better. That said, I think I prefer the look of the Drop-Alt, so I don’t know where I’ll end up.

Maybe I need to get a third keyboard…

A feature that would be nice to have in Teams/Zoom/etc. would be if it automatically lower your hand once you have asked your question or made your comment. It would eliminate so much “Did you have a question or was your hand still up from before” discussion.

A post in the New York Times this morning tells me that it’s okay to only replace your towels every three days or so, as opposed to—presumably—putting out clean towels every day. Last week, the same section let me know that it is probably not necessary to wipe down the kitchen counters with disinfectant every single day.

Reading these pieces, my first thought is who the hell even does this? My second thought is that it is no wonder supermarket shelves are filled with all this unnecessary crap and landfills are overflowing with discarded stuff.

Having now watched a bunch of Rebels with the kids, I will be pretty surprised and disappointed if we don’t get Thrawn in the Ahsoka show. I mean, that’s gotta be where they’re going with this, right?

I wish all of these tech people lecturing us about AI had spent even a few minutes reading or thinking about the literally thousands of years’ worth of writing and thought about what it means to have knowledge and to understand the world around us. Once again, I am reminded of the third-year engineering majors taking Phil 101 because they needed the humanities credit who would snidely dismiss any text were reading with “All of this is irrelevant BECAUSE MATH.”

I do love my Sonos speakers, but why does their app have to suck so much?

I want universal search. I want to not have every release a band has done jumbled together in an undifferentiated list. These seem like pretty basic features that basically every other media app supports, and yet I have been waiting years for them.

Ice Cubes seems like a decent Mastodon client.

I have been trying out this Ice Cubes app for Mastodon that everyone has been on about. It is pretty nice, but I have a few gripes. My main complaint is that if I have added filters to screen out posts on topics I’m not interested in, I don’t want to see a notification in the middle of the timeline that a post has been filtered; I want to see nothing at all.

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I feel like most people who are against unions in the tech industry are must either owners/founders who don’t want workers to have any power, or workers who have little to no experience with a market that’s not “Everyone is hiring!”

Buses, not trains

I am reading this Times article about Omaha’s plan to restore streetcar service to its downtown and I mostly find myself thinking that if you’re going to spend $306 million, why not make bus service better? I like riding on trains and I wish there were more of them in the US. However, most large cities already have bus service. Making buses better—more frequent, more routes, electric rather than gas-powered, free—seems like a way to get a lot more bang for your buck than something like streetcars, where you have fixed rails that need to be laid.

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