Time for some completely unhelpful coronavirus game theory | The Outline:

I’m not saying that we should not be concerned about coronavirus. We most undoubtedly should be. But at a time like this, worst-case scenarios are not your friend, unless you like being friends with things that give you nightmares. It can be easy to catastrophize, to let your mind wander into doom and gloom, to feel like you have no control over events shaping your life, when you’re stuck inside seemingly watching the world crumble around you. It’s important to remember, though, that just as the coronavirus has enjoyed such a rapid spread because we live in such a physically connected world, our digitally connected world may just mitigate it. We’ve been able to impress the severity of this threat upon municipal, regional, and national governments throughout the world with heretofore unfathomable speed and efficiency, and have reached a point where enough people have gotten the memo — or, as is increasingly happening, the mandate — to STAY THE FUCK INSIDE that the variables informing our gravest coronavirus projections will hopefully be rendered moot. The simple truth of the matter is that through the act of “doing nothing,” you are playing a direct role in stemming the tide.

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