One imagines that the Iowa caucuses have pretty much always been this much of a mess, but we just never got to see the details before:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Associated Press said Thursday that it is unable to declare a winner of Iowa’s Democratic caucuses.

With 97% of precincts reporting from Monday’s caucuses, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg leads Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by three state delegate equivalents out of 2,098 counted. That is a margin of 0.14 percentage points.

However, even as the Iowa Democratic Party’s effort to complete its tabulation of the caucus results continues, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez on Thursday asked the Iowa Democratic Party to conduct a recanvass. That is not a recount, but rather a check of the vote count to ensure the results were added correctly

  1. @petebrown One doesn’t even really have to imagine that hard—in 2012, it took the Iowa Republican Party three weeks to declare a winner.

  2. @Bruce @petebrown Hopefully this means the end of caucuses. And also Iowa going first especially for Dems. It’s neither representative of the party nor a reliable Dem state.

  3. @pratik Given that Bernie was one of the voices for keeping the caucus, I think there’s a decent shot for it going away.

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with Iowa going early—starting with a large state would make money even more important. But rotating groups of smaller states that together are representative of the country would be a far better method. (Iowa + New Hampshire + Nevada + South Carolina aren’t a terrible mix—the problem is the overwhelming focus on the first two).

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