1. @petebrown I have moved some of the non-profits I’ve worked with over there. It seems fine, no crisises. I think a lot of them are the same, so it probably comes down to who’s marketing you like best. 😀

  2. @walter Thanks! That’s kinda my sense as well. I deal mainly with WPEngine at work. They’re great, but more money and horsepower than I need for my personal site. I mostly just want to make sure they’re not jerks.

  3. @petebrown They are fine. I have been with them since 2006 and I do not like them as much now as I did back then when they were still an independent company run by their founder. I think they are probably more expensive than other options (although I have not done any pricing lately)—but I’m paying 50% more now than I was then, without any corresponding increase in services. But no real problems that have pushed me across the “find a new host now” threshold.

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