While I guess I appreciate that my library system supports ebook loans via Overdrive/Libby and Hoopla, I went to look up a book of which I had just read a review. The ebook version is available via Overdrive, but the estimated wait-time is fifteen weeks.

Meanwhile, the print version has 88 of 140 copies available in the system, one of which is the copy at my local library branch.

If I were not already strongly partial to reading the physical paper versions of books, the artificial scarcity of ebooks would definitely put me over the edge.

  1. @petebrown It’s amazing to me how often I run into this same situation, and I just don’t understand it. Who does this approach help? It won’t sell more physical books, the impact on ebook sales has to be negligible, and it almost certainly results in fewer people reading those books at all. So what’s the point?

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