1. @petebrown ooooof. Maybe Netflix, Amazon, or Apple will pick it up (double oooof that those were who I thought of first). The books are a fun read, though one wasn’t my 🍵.

  2. @kitt @petebrown This is really disappointing news. The Expanse is my favorite sci-fi show this side of Battlestar Galactica (and was honing in on the top spot). I really hope one of the streaming platforms picks it up. I’d put off reading the books to avoid spoilers, but now…

  3. @schuth @kitt Yeah, I hope it gets picked up elsewhere, but sadly, that seems unlikely. I imagine that if they wanted to, Netflix could get it for much less than whatever they’re paying for their dreadful Altered Carbon adaptation.

  4. @petebrown I was thinking Amazon might be a likely landing spot, since it has the streaming rights. If it’s true that Apple plans to have a streaming video service, The Expanse seems like a perfect fit for their platform & cultural aesthetic. It would be a plug-and-play acquisition — which is why it probably will never happen.

  5. @vishae Here in the states, you either watch it when it airs live on Syfy, or you purchase it per episode or per season for streaming on Amazon VOD (can probably do the same on iTunes as well). I do Amazon VOD.

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