Can we all maybe just agree that for some folks, doing everything on an iPad is either totally workable or a fun challenge, while other people would really just rather use a laptop or a desktop machines for some of their work, and all just be okay with that?
  1. @petebrown (and some people can change between states depending on circumstances). Are you trying to tell me that people are different, have different needs and wants? I’m not sure I could ever accept such a ridiculous position. Next thing you’ll be telling me that not everyone likes the same food as I do.

  2. @petebrown I would be happy to agree with that, as well as even extending such acceptance to include whatever brand of computer & OS, as well as blogging platform & blogging tools they might choose to use. đź’»

  3. @petebrown Waaaa? You mean we shouldn’t argue about preferences?

    I find myself switching between the two a ton. The iPad for reading and taking notes; my MacBook Pro for doing the research to find the papers and books in the first place. Both paradigms have their strengths and weaknesses. As long as Apple doesn’t let macOS languish too much, I like that they aren’t completely merging all their OSes. 🤞

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