That graph you all keep posting about Yankee Candle aroma complaints v. number of COVID cases is really just a graph of when Christmas happens.
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We can all agree that John Carpenter’s The Thing is a Christmas movie, right?
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Politics is hard.

I know that policy and lawmaking at the federal level are frustrating, but I am growing increasingly tired of progressive complaints of the “Why hasn’t Biden/the Democrats passed this thing that there aren’t votes for?” variety.

Yeah, it sucks that Congress passed a big military spending bill or confirmed Rahm Emmanuel to be an ambassador, but hasn’t been able to pass Build Back Better, voting rights protection, or student loan debt elimination. But there are Republican votes for the first two items, and there are not Republican votes for the rest of it.

Want to fix that? Elect better Senators and Representatives.

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How to Care Less About Work – The Atlantic:

A lot of us find something that we’re good at and like, and then try to make a career out of it in some way. Those who have followed the pernicious advice to “do what you love” know this endgame: It’s a burnout trap, and a fantastic way to evacuate all pleasure and passion from an activity. Do what you love, and you’ll work every day for the rest of your life.

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