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I want something like War of the Worlds, but on TV

Two episodes in, Threshold is still holding my attention. Another plucky female lead, this one a think-tank expert on disaster scenarios. She’s drafted into service by the government when one of the scenarios she has written is put into effect following the appearance of what seems to be an alien probe/artifact. To the surprise of no one who has ever watched television before, she gathers the usual team of brilliant oddballs, and together with a hunky soldier-type and a seemingly benevolent government official who may or may not have ulterior motives, they race against the clock to figure out what the aliens are up to.

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Forensic Show #23

Next on the list is Bones, which I downloaded largely on account of a couple decent reviews and the fact that I was interested in seeing what Boreanaz did post-Angel/Buffy. I should be up-front about my near-total lack of interest in the police procedurals that seem to have been all the rage for the last few TV seasons. Sure, I watched my share of Law & Order reruns on A&E, but that was before they churned out the 18 spinoff series.

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It’s TV time again

None of the shows I have traditionally followed have started back up yet, so more about that later. As for new shows, I’ve caught a couple, so I thought I’d spend the next few entries here on my thoughts. Supernatural wasn’t half bad, but it remains to be seen if it was half-good. It’s sort of an X-Files for the O.C. set, with two infeasibly photogenic twentysomething brothers chasing ghosts and goblins.

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Liquid Television strikes back from beyond the grave

During a recent perusal of’s movie trailer site, I was surprised to find that there’s a live-action movie based on Aeon Flux coming out this fall. For those of you who don’t remember, Aeon Flux was an animated miniseries about a female assasin in a futuristic totalitarian state. It ran on Liquid Television, MTV’s animation show from the early Nineties (where, among other things, Beavis & Butthead made its television debut) and featured disturbing animation and a disjointed, surreal storyline.

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