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So it actually didn’t suck

Despite everything I have claimed for the last three years, I went to see Revenge of the Sith on Sunday. As regular visitors to this site may know, from the moment I walked out of the theater following the execrable Attack of the Clones until about two weeks ago, I have been loudly declaring to anyone within earshot that George Lucas would never again get any of my money. Then something funny happened—I’d like to say it was the surprising number of good reviews, but it probably had more to do with most of my childhood having been spent waiting for the next Star Wars movie.

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Wherein Pete refuses to throw his lot in with the fanboys

A random perusal of today’s Slashdot turned up this article regarding the news that the upcoming (and hopefully the last) Star Wars movie will be rated PG-13. I point this out not so much because I’m interested in the reasons for the rating, or even in the film itself, but because of the nature of the ensuing discussion. It is fairly typical of the Slashdot community’s reaction to the Star Wars films, summed up by this posting:

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