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Went to see Serenity last night. To quote my friend James, “Again! Again!” It was really good. If you have already seen it, or if you don’t care about important plot-points being revealed, read on below the fold… (Sadly, the “below the fold” content was lost in buggy WordPress upgrade.)

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I want something like War of the Worlds, but on TV

Two episodes in, Threshold is still holding my attention. Another plucky female lead, this one a think-tank expert on disaster scenarios. She’s drafted into service by the government when one of the scenarios she has written is put into effect following the appearance of what seems to be an alien probe/artifact. To the surprise of no one who has ever watched television before, she gathers the usual team of brilliant oddballs, and together with a hunky soldier-type and a seemingly benevolent government official who may or may not have ulterior motives, they race against the clock to figure out what the aliens are up to.

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Intellects vast and cool...

Went to see War of the Worlds yesterday, and I have to say—it was pretty damn cool. There were definitely some logic gaps in the background story line, but I didn’t really notice them until the movie was over. The main one (and I don’t think I’m really giving anything away here) is that there are number of references made to the giant Martian tripod vehicles having been buried underground for millions of years, which led me to wonder why, if the Martians came to Earth millions of years ago, why they didn’t just take possession then, rather than waiting until they have to waste a lot of time fighting humans.

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