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The perfect album?

There’s an interesting discussion going on over at about “The Perfect Album.” Unsurprisingly, the Beatles and Pink Floyd are vastly over-represented, as is classic rock in general (Supertramp? The Alan Parsons Project?!). However, it is, if nothing else, an amusing compilation of lists, and it reminded me of an occasional bar conversation I have about my Desert Island Albums. I can’t claim to be the originator of this idea, but it goes something like this—if you’re stuck on a desert island what are the five albums you’d want to have with you?

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Worth a listen?

Call me out of touch, but it wasn’t until I checked out Pitchfork today that I even knew there was a new Nine Inch Nails album out. The title, apparently, is With Teeth, and it seems to be getting pretty decent reviews, once you factor out all the “He’ll never be as popular/good as he was when The Downward Spiral came out” poo-poohing. I was having a conversation a few nights ago in which Pretty Hate Machine came up, and I was saying that even though it would probably sound rather dated were I able to listen to it for the first time again, it’s probably one of my favorite albums ever.

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