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Going from bad to worse to...

What comes next? Worster? Worstest? Worstester? Worchestershire? I had to turn off NPR on the way in to work today because I just couldn’t listen to one more story about someone who had lost everything and is now wandering flooded streets in fear of looters and armed gangs. Yes, I know, “turning off the news” is a luxury that people on the Gulf Coast don’t have. I’ve been thinking more about what I wrote yesterday regarding the Bush administration, its role in the preparation (or lack thereof) for Katrina’s landfall, and its reaction thereto.

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The Return of the Puzzled Chimp

Well, I, for one, am filled with confidence. Yes, I can hear it already: “Now is not the time for partisan politics, the focus should be on helping a city devastated by natural forces, blah blah blah…” The problem is that when the Bush administration and its supporters make these statements, what they actually mean is, “Now is the time for us to use this situation to promote our own political agenda and to discredit the opposition, and anyone who points this out, or suggests that maybe we’re not doing everything we can, or that we didn’t bother to prepare for this situation, or that we’re doing a piss-poor job of reacting to it now is a dirty rotten liar who hates America and freedom, and who probably has sex with dogs.

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