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Quote of the Day

“In a world where the dead are returning to life, the word ‘trouble’ loses much of its meaning.” Land of the Dead is out on DVD, and I’m currently watching it. I enjoyed it quite a bit when I saw it in the theater, and it remains to be seen whether it holds up upon repeated viewings. So far, it does. It’s not as good as Dawn of the Dead I don’t think, but it’s still pretty damn good.

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I AM TYPING THIS ALL IN CAPS BECAUSE I AM SO VERY, VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT. IF I WASN’T CATEGORICALLY OPPOSED TO TAGS ON A DEEP, MORAL LEVEL, I MIGHT EVEN CONSIDER USING THEM. What am I so excited about, you ask? I have just discovered that on June 24, Land of the Dead, the new George Romero zombie movie, hits theaters. That’s right, the fourth film in his Night of the Living Dead / Dawn of the Dead / Day of the Dead series is finally coming out.

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The devil movies always get me.

I don’t know—maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing, but despite the fact that I don’t believe in god and find most religion to be, at best, silly, movies about the Devil are not too far behind zombie films on my list of favorite horror. The Amityville Horror, Prince of Darkness, The Omen—they all still creep me out, and I still have yet to get all the way through the director’s cut of The Exorcist.

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