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I was reading a review of some new link-saving app and was about to click Install to give it a try. Then I remembered that link-saving apps—like read-it-later services—are where things go to die.

I don’t need yet another digital attic where I can squirrel stuff away, telling myself that I will get to it later when I have time. I do not need to have some complicated system of reminders or whatever to point me back to this pile of archived crap to review it. And I definitely do not need a bunch of integrations and workflows to push links tagged with such-and-such to this app or that website or that service over there.

None of this stuff needs to be that complicated.

If it’s interesting, I’ll read it now. If it’s useful, I’ll write it down. At most, I will leave it sitting in a browser tab for a few days and if I haven’t gotten to it by the end of the week, I’ll close it.

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