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Actually using my laptop as a laptop

My work laptop is an M1 MacBook Pro. It spends 95% of its time sitting on a shelf under my desk with the lid shut and external keyboard, display, and speakers plugged in.

Every now and then, though, I do take it out to go work from a coffee shop or from a different spot in the house. Whenever I do, I am struck by how great the keyboard is and how nice in the internal speakers sound. The batter life is also quite impressive.

What I have been surprised by lately, though, is how handy I find the touchbar thing. It’s not revolutionary or anything, but I do quite like it. One weird thing, though… I just had the oddest experience of absent-mindedly trying to use the trackpad to get the pointer down to one of the controls on the touchbar. It was actually a few seconds of me trying to figure out what do before my aware brain clicked in and I took my finger off the touchpad.

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