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Recently, I watched the trailer for a new experimental horror movie Skinamarink that has been getting a lot of buzz.

I realized while watching the trailer that even though the movie looks super interesting and has been getting really great reviews, I will likely never watch it.

Horror used to be one of my favorite film genres, but I hardly watch any horror movies anymore. That is partly because I have barely any time to watch movies these days, but mostly because they no longer hold much appeal for me. The world seems pretty horrible already in real life—and that seems likely to only get worse. Why do I want to watch made-up horror?

I know the theory is that we enjoy scary stories and movies because it is a safe way to feel those feelings of terror, like riding on a roller coaster. You feel scared and out of control, but you are actually completely safe.

I am not convinced by that argument, though.

I guess maybe it used to be easier for me to set aside the fear and anxiety brought on by the real world than it is these days. I look at a horror movie and find myself thinking “Why would I want to watch that?”

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