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AI: Markets for Lemons, and the Great Logging Off:

What happens when anyone can spin up a thousand social media accounts at the click of a button, where each account picks a consistent persona and sticks to it – happily posting away about one of their hobbies like knitting or trout fishing or whatever, while simultaneously building up a credible and inobtrusive post history in another plausible side hobby that all these accounts happen to share – geopolitics, let’s say – all until it’s time for the sock puppet master to light the bat signal and manufacture some consensus?

What happens when every online open lobby multiplayer game is choked with cheaters who all play at superhuman levels in increasingly undetectable ways?

What happens when, from the perspective of the average guy, “every girl” on every dating app is a fiction driven by an AI who strings him along (including sending original and persona-consistent pictures) until it’s time to scam money out of him?

An outcome not suggested in this article is that users also begin deploying similarly powered counter-tools to fight the AI spam. Then the web becomes a bunch of automated LLMs talking with one another, like those bot-driven bidding wars in the Amazon market place that bid up a book’s price to four thousand dollars.

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