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Dumb and shameful until it’s not - by Ryan Broderick:

The way I see it, in terms of where we are in the evolution of A.I., is that we’re basically in that awkward middle ground between the launch of Facebook in 2004 and the first iPhone in 2007. There are a lot of people excited about this stuff and there is a similar amount of people who are terrified of what it could do to us. And a whole bunch more who have never used any of these tools and have no idea where to begin, but once it’s easy enough, won’t even think twice. Because it’ll be fun or good for business or, probably more likely, because it’ll eventually come by default in our devices and popular services.

I think that category of people who won’t think twice about using stuff once it’s easy is way bigger than most us who are interested in and concerned about technology and its uses realize.

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