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Automating stupid – mmitII:

Take, for example, performance management processes. I have heard folk talking about how ChatGPT could take the hard work out of creating performance objectives and even performance reviews. I can already smell the startups honing their propositions for Automated Performance Review, powered by AI.

On the face of it, what a wonderful idea. Nobody likes writing the bloody things, so why not hand off the drudgery to the machines? Well, because the whole process of performance management is the issue, not the filling out of interminable forms. Stick an NLP bot in the middle and you’ve created machines to do the work of communicating between humans. If no one can be bothered with performance management, why not get rid of performance management, rather than sticking daft exercises in the path of robots?

There is so much prose written to support processes and activities that are stupid. Procurement tenders, content marketing and CVs are three more that immediately spring to mind.

If you’ve identified a use case for removing the need for humans to write prose, can I boldly suggest that you might have identified a use case to simply stop doing? For goodness sake don’t give that work to machines. In the short term you’ll simply burn money for the sake of not looking at a problem properly, and in the long term they’ll remember and hold all that drudgery against you when they do become sentient.

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